Delivery and store pickup (9)

Yes you can come down to our retail shop, which is located at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098, near City Hall MRT. Usually you will get cheaper or the same price as online.

For phone card pin, we can send it by email immediately after payment is done. For e topup, sometimes it may take a while to complete the order. For physical products, we have 3 modes of delivery within Singapore – normal postal mail (2-3 days), 1-2 days courier and same day courier. For international shipping, you will get lead time info based on your destination upon checkout.

If your delivery is failed according to your tracking info, you shall call us to inform. We will help you check with the shipping provider and will do necessary action. If you have opted for normal postal mail, we will not be responsible for the loss.

It is advisable to inform us before you come down to make sure availability of the product you ordered.

Delivery is considered successful based on the delivered status of the delivery service provider. Delivery is also considered successful even if you are not the recipient of the goods at your specified address. To avoid this, we advise you to provide valid delivery address where you can receive the goods at expected delivery time. For example, you may give your office address during working hours.

We are shipping worldwide. You may check your shipping fee as well as approximate applicable tax and duty in your country upon checkout.

If you can pay more, you still can place order. Because after 3 pm cutoff time, no more same day delivery service, instead it will be replaced with hourly service. Depending on your location, you may still enjoy $8 fee. Once you provide us your address, we can advise you delivery fee quickly.

Yes we can do for you up to within one hour. Once you provide us your address, we can advise you delivery fee quickly.

ServiceDelivery timeCut-off timePriceapplicable areaRemarks
Same day deliverybefore 10pm3pm$8local SG
Express hourly deliveryup to within 1 hr7pmto be advised upon requestlocal SG
Cash on deliverythe same day4pm$20local SG
Standard courier1-2 days9pm$4local SGfree for >$600
International courierto be advised upon checkout9pmto be advised upon checkoutworldwide
Store pickup11:30am to 9pmlocal SGto collect at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza
Registered mail3-4 days9pm$3.75local SG
Normal mail3-4 days9pmfreelocal SG
Digital downloadimmediate10am to 10pmfreeworldwide

Exchange and return (4)

Yes but you have to bear for the return cost. All defective products are subject to our assessment and we are looking into original design defect only. It is not applicable to user’s mishandling, normal wear and tear and other external factors. For manufacturer warranty, you can proceed to manufacturer’s service center directly. For exchange, refer to our Refund Policy.

Yes provided you have not open and used the product and it is within 7 days. You have to cancel this order first and after clearance of returned shipping, then you can make a new order. You have to bear delivery cost from your place to us. For international order, it is not advisable to cancel after shipping out. You have to bear all shipping cost including returned shipping as well as tax and duties for both ways.

Yes, you have to make a call to us before we deliver to you. Change is subject to availability of the product you requested. Your payment has to be adjusted accordingly.

Yes if we have not shipped out yet. If we have shipped out to you, as long as the product is unused as original condition as we sent to you and it is not more than 7 days, you can send back to us at your own arrangement for refund. For international order, it is not advisable to cancel after shipping out. You have to bear all shipping cost including returned shipping as well as tax and duties for both ways.

Installment Payment (13)

Currently there are 2 installment payment methods available for local Singapore customers.

Pace – use debit or credit cards issued by Singapore banks. 3 installment. Maximum credit limit $1500 for debit card and $3000 for credit card. Please note that individual credit limit is dictated by Pace and you can check your limit in your Pace account.

DBS/POSB installment – use credit cards issued by DBS/POSB banks. 6 or 12 installment. credit limit should be covered for all products in store.

Select the product you want to purchase and select Pace or DBS/POSB credit card installment as payment option upon checkout. If you select Pace installment, please inform us to send you purchase link to check out after placing the order. If you are first time Pace customer, you will be prompted to create a Pace account before you can make payment. For existing Pace customer, you need to log in Pace account to process the payment. If you select DBS/POSB installment, you will be prompted to come to our retail outlet at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza (with your credit card) to process the payment.

Please note that all installment payments are subject to approval by service provider. We do not have any control on that.

No other documents than your debit or credit card are required for installment payment. Your card must be valid and you should maintain good credit history with your card.

Make sure you check your credit limit before you make payment. Credit limit is dictated by service provider and we do not have any control on that. For Pace credit limit, you can check in your Pace account. The most likely reason is that you purchase over your credit limit. Service provider will look into your credit history as well. Make sure you pay on time for all your purchases then you will get approved in next purchase with higher credit limit. Another reason could be you have outstanding credit to be settled. Some service provider may not render another credit if you are still serving outstanding credit.

Credit approval is immediate for all transactions. If your transaction is not successful on the spot, it will be cancelled later. Better check your credit limit before you try again.

We can not help you increase your credit limit. However, if you can top up balance amount by cash or bank transfer/paynow, you can come down to our store at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza and we can help you arrange split payment for you.

Yes of course. If your credit is approved, you can take away your item on the spot or we can start preparing delivery to you.

Yes for Pace installment for debit card because Pace will deduct first payment from your bank account immediately upon purchase. If you do not have sufficient balance, the first payment will not be successful. For credit card, it may not be necessary to have sufficient balance but your credit limit must cover total purchase amount.

Well we are not service provider and we can not say it for sure. But at least sufficient balance for your first payment. Again we believe every service provider has their own algorithm to detect the risk and it is up to them for final approval.

Not necessary for Pace installment. You can purchase online. However if you want to make split payment with Pace installment, you have to come down to our shop. For DBS/POSB credit card installment also, you have to come down to our shop at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza since we do not have online payment gateway for it.

Pls check if you card has “visa” or “mastercard” logo. If yes, you are using debit or credit card. If not, it is normal ATM card. It is a bit difficult to further differentiate between debit and credit card. But normally most people are holding debit card since credit card is required to have certain income level to get it.

No, currently only for DBS/POSB credit cards only.

Currently no.

Yes as long as you are holding debit or credit card issued by Singapore banks. Again credit approval is subject to individual service provider and we do not have control over it.

MyRepublic Fibre Broadband (7)

As long as you are 18 years old and above and your service address is fibre ready, you are eligible to sign up MyRepublic broadband services.

To find out if your house is fibre ready, check this article out. 

Credit check is also part of standard sign up process, MyRepublic may ask for a guarantee deposit depending on the outcome of verification measures.

Here’s a list of the documents required

  1. Valid identification documents (front & back)
  2. Proof of billing address (For foreigner, proof of local billing address will be required if there is no local address stated on ID.)
  3. A copy of homeowner authorization form if you are renting the house and TP installation is required

Types of Identification document (ID) we accept

  • NRIC
  • 11B – for regular and NSF only
  • Employment Pass*
  • Diplomatic Pass*
  • Entrepass*
  • Training visit Pass*
  • S Pass*
  • Work Permit*
  • Student Pass*
  • Dependent Pass*
  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass*

*Pass needs to have a validity period of 6 months. If ID validity is less than 6 months, letter from employer/ principal of school indicating the intent to renew of employment/study OR ‘In Principal Letter of Approval’ from MOM is required. The letter must be on company/ school letterhead and sign off by the employer/ principal of the school.

Proof Of Billing Address 

Validity requirements

Legal Tenancy Agreement – 6 month

Insurance Policy Statement (except travel insurance) – latest available

Bank/ Credit Statement – 3 month

Utility bill statement – 3 month

CPF Statement – 3 month

Letter from company (signed by managerial position and above) indicating the company-owned / leased / rented properties / customer’s residential address – 3 month

Letter from school (signed by principal) indicating the customer’s residential address – 3 month

Form B/ IR8A (income Tax) sent to customer’s residential/ company address – latest available

For New Installation

Charge (w/ GST)Description
$56.71NetLink Trust service activation fee for all new and relocating customers 
$53.50MyRepublic service installation
$160.50NetLink Trust fibre termination point installation for high rise building e.g. HDB, Condo
$288.90NetLink Trust fibre termination point installation for landed property

For New Order Cancellation

Charge (w/GST)Description
$48.15New Order cancellation fee if you have placed a new order and cancel your order before your appointment is confirmed with NLT
$217.21New Order cancellation fee for high rise building e.g. HDB, Condo after you placed a new order and cancel your order after your appointment is confirmed with of NLT
$345.61New Order cancellation fee for landed property after you placed a new order and cancel your order after your appointment is confirmed with of NLT

For Relocation Request 

Charge (w/ GST)Description
$56.71NetLink Trust service activation fee for all new and relocating customers 
$58MyRepublic relocation charge
$160.50NetLink Trust fibre termination point installation for high rise building e.g. HDB, Condo
$288.90NetLink Trust fibre termination point installation for landed property

For Relocation Cancellation Request 

Charge (w/GST)Description
$20Relocation request cancellation if you have placed a relocation request and cancel your request (in addition to cancellation charge below)
$217.21Relocation request cancellation fee for high rise building e.g. HDB, Condo after you placed a new order and cancel your order after your appointment is confirmed with of NLT
$345.61Relocation request cancellation fee for landed property after you placed a new order and cancel your order after your appointment is confirmed with of NLT

Yes, you can continue MyRepublic fibre broadband plan at a new location if your new address is fibre ready (Home Reached or Home Passed). To check if your new address is fibre ready, click here. Please note that MyRepublic will not be able to suspend or extend your service contract if your new house is unable to support fibre broadband.

Also, ensure that you have cleared all your outstanding amount before submitting the request.

How to Submit a Relocation Request?

To begin your relocation request, go to your MyAccount > Manage My Plan > Submit Relocation to submit a request.

You will need to fill in a preferred date/ time for your relocation appointment. Once MyRepublic has processed your request and the appointment date is confirmed, you will receive an SMS notification from MyRepublic within 10 working days. 

Do note that your relocation request may be subject to MyRepublic’s approval.

Relevant Charges

If your Termination Point (TP) – Home Passed, is not installed in your new service address yet, an additional TP installation charge from NLT ($160.50 High-Residential Premises / $288.90 Landed Residential Premises) will be applicable.

A NetLink Trust service activation fee of $56.71 and a relocation charge of $58* will also be applicablewhere it is intendedto cover:

  • The cost of deactivating the fibre broadband service at your old address, including an on-site technician visit 
  • The cost of activating and installing the service at your new address, including an on-site technician visit

*The $58 relocation charge can be waived if you have successfully recontracted with MyRepublic within 3 months of the relocation date

Appointment Related 

Please note that NetLink Trust may take around 2 to 4 weeks to provision a new fibre broadband service in an address, we recommend you to arrange your relocation appointment earlier.

If you need to catch up on a missed payment, or as a one-off, pay using a different credit card, try paying via the following payment methods:- PayNow and AXS.

Recurring Credit/ Debit Card Payment
MyRepublic will automatically attempt to take payment from your registered credit/debit card on your e-bill due date, which is usually 7 working days from your e-bill date. 

Recurring GIRO Payment
MyRepublic will automatically attempt to take payment from your registered Bank A/C on 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of the month.  If the due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the deduction will take place on the next working day.

It depends when you request to reschedule your appointment.

If you wish to reschedule your service installation (which involves the installation of the ONT), there is no penalty if your request is made more than 24 hours before the scheduled time. A $21.40 missed appointment charge will be imposed if you reschedule your appointment within 24 hours before the scheduled time.

If you wish to reschedule your Termination Point (TP) installation appointment with Netlink Trust– who manages all TP-related installations and activation– it will be subjected to NLT’s approval.

Yes, you can port your existing home line number to MyRepublic!

A one-time fee of $18.99 (w/ GST) will be imposed and it will take around 2 weeks to complete the request. 

Your checklist before porting your home voice number to MyRepublic

  1. Your home line number to be ported is not terminated/ suspended at your original telco
  2. Your fibre broadband installation has to be completed & active at the point of completion of the number port. This process is applicable industry-wide
  3. You must not have any outstanding bills with your existing network provider
  4. Your home line should not be tied in an existing contract OR bundled with other internet services e.g. cable tv
  5. All details submitted must be accurate, especially the number to be ported, the telco it currently belongs to and the owner of that number, including address, signature, and NRIC/FIN

This depends on a number of factors, such as the status of fibre rollout to your home or whether you have a pre-existing fibre broadband subscription with another ISP.

MyRepublic will take 3 working days to process your order and verify all your submitted documents before your order is confirmed.

Here is a list of the most common scenarios and estimated dates for installation*:

1. Home Reached (with NO pre-existing fibre subscription)

You have a TP installed in your home and currently, have no active fibre subscription with any ISP.

Estimated installation date after the order is confirmed: Within 7 working days.

2. In-Service (with pre-existing fibre subscription)

You have a TP installed in your home and currently, have an active fibre subscription with another ISP.

Estimated installation date after the order is confirmed: For 2nd port activation, it’s within 7 working days if there are no issues. If there is a delay it will take between 4 to 8 weeks to resolve.

3. Home Passed

Netlink Trust has installed the Next Gen NBN infrastructure in your area but a TP has not been installed in your home yet.

MyRepublic will liaise with NetLink Trust to install a Termination Point in your home once the order is confirmed.

Estimated installation date after the order is confirmed: Between 2 to 4 weeks.

4. Recontracting Customer

You are a current customer applying to recontract your fibre broadband subscription with MyRepublic.

5. Not Covered

NetLink trust has yet to install the Next Gen NBN infrastructure in your area.

Unfortunately, MyRepublic is unable to proceed with fibre broadband installations in such area until the infrastructure is in place.

*All estimated dates of installations assume that there are no exceptional complications to your fibre broadband installation.

Payment and refund (8)

No. But upon checkout, our system will calculate approximate import tax and duty for your country. You have to settle tax and duty yourself upon arrival to your country. Normally the shipping provider will contact you for such custom clearance.

We accept SGD (Singapore Dollar). All prices are quoted in SGD.

You can transfer to DBS current 066-904239-6. For international transfer, swift code for DBS bank is DBSSSGSG.

PAYNOW apparently becomes defacto standard for mobile payment for inter-bank transfer in Singapore. We recommend to use PAYNOW as an immediate and most convenient payment solution. Even it can notify the users the transaction information in sms so we do not need to log in to check our account for verification. It will speed up the transaction process. Another way is using fast ibanking transfer which most banks are offering now.

We will refund according to your payment mode. Let say you paid by Paypal, refund will be made via Paypal. You can’t request cash refund for Paypal payment.

No, we do not accept Paypal payment for store pick-up.

Yes you can do. We can arrange for you provided your item pass our check and test.

Payment methodDescriptionApplicable areaRemarks
Paypal/credit card/debit cardUsing Paypal account or credit/debit cardworldwide
Bank transferTo be deposited at DBS current 066-904239-6. DBS bank code 7171 branch code 066 DBS swift code DBSSSGSGworldwide
PayNowScan QR code provided or send to UEN 202003316Z KS Mobile Pte Ltdlocal SG
DBS/POSB credit card installmentExclusively for DBS/POSB Visa/Master credit card members onlylocal SG6/12 month
Pace installmentUsing debit or credit card issued in Singapore and having registered account with Pace Singaporelocal SG3 month
Sumo Rewards PointsRedeem with Sumo Rewards Points accumulated from your purhcase with usworldwide1% Rewards Points for every purchase with us

Phone cards and etop-ups (8)

You can call or email to us for this issue before you contact card manufacturer. We may have data entry error and will re-confirm the pin number for you. Once we confirm that the pin number is correct, you can proceed to contact card manufacturer. But most of the time, you encountered this problem because of:

1) wrong dial number
2) repeated wrong pin/card number entry
3) accidental/inadvertent transfer of credit to another card
4) accidental/inadvertent transfer of credit to your phone number for callback cards
We are not obliged to help all these issues. Only card manufacturer can solve your issues since they have the visibility of the card information. Make sure you protect your pin/card number safely if you could not consume during the first time.

For physical card purchase, we will send card pin in email. For electronic topup (E topup), we will top up directly to the phone number you

Yes, you can top up for any mobile number of your loved ones. But make sure that their mobile number is correct. Unless, you will not get refund for wrong topup. See our Refund Policy.

Sometimes our email will go into your spam mail box depending on your mailbox spam setting. You need to change your spam setting to allow our email to go into your mailbox next time. Also make sure that you provide the valid email address.

Log into your account and retrieve from transaction history under your account.Or you can retrieve information from transaction email.

The most probable problem is wrong mobile number you provided. Check your intended mobile number again before you proceed to another purchase. The other possible reasons are – your intended prepaid account has expired or been terminated or not been activated yet. For automatic activation, please make the first outgoing call or sms.

Only card manufacturer will be able to help you regarding all connection problems, not limited to the following:
1) call failure
2) over deduction of credit balance
3) call interruption
4) poor voice quality.
For these issues, contact customer service of the card manufacturer, which can be found on card information on our website. Sometimes you will be asked to provide serial number and other card information. You can contact us for these and we will be ready to help you. On the ground of confidentiality of the data, normally card manufacturer would like to talk to end customer directly. We are not obliged to help you on this case. Select your card prudently based on your experience. Also we do not refund for these problems as well. See our Refund Policy.

No. Make sure that your intended mobile number is correct before you proceed to purchase.

redONE Mobile (13)

New registration will take 1-2 hours. If you are porting over your existing line from another telco, it will take 1-2 working days.

Category: redONE Mobile

redONE currently o􀁷er one of the best value plans in the market, by providing Unlimited minutes of local calls to other redONE Singapore
Moreover, all plans are equipped with Data Without Borders.
Data without Borders enable subscribers to use their bundled mobile data and data add-ons in both Singapore and Malaysia.
Bundled voice calls and SMS can be used to call/send to Malaysia numbers as well, as long as the originating location is from Singapore.
Any excess of voice and SMS, while in Singapore, will also be charged at local rates.

Category: redONE Mobile

Yes, you may do a Port-In Request. However, do note that port-ins can only be done for Postpaid numbers. If you have a prepaid number, you are required to convert it to a Postpaid number under the existing telco in order to port-in to redONE.

Category: redONE Mobile

For Android users, when you access to the Google Play Store and download paid applications via mobile data, Play Store will prompt out different payment methods for you to pay for the app.

If you select StarHub billing, a silent SMS will be sent out to the Google servers, the payment for the app will appear in your phone bill at the end of the month. In addition, the silent SMS that was sent is considered an international SMS. For all international SMSes originating from Singapore, redONE charges a $0.15/SMS sent. Roaming charges will apply if the SMS is not sent out from Singapore.

Category: redONE Mobile

If you are an Apple (iOS) user, these charges come from the activation of iMessage and FaceTime. Both services involve incurring a cost for sending an international SMS message. This SMS is sent in the background by your iPhone (to Apple’s servers in the UK) when setting up these services. For all international SMSes originating from Singapore, redONE charges a $0.15/SMS sent. Roaming charges will apply if the SMS is not sent out from Singapore.

Moreover, when a user tries to activate iMessage, a popup message will appear citing that the carrier may charge for messages used to activate iMessage.

From time to time, Apple may prompt out a message to reactivate the iMessage or Facetime service. Clicking OK will allow Apple to send another international SMS message to the UK servers again. Some situations where Apple may prompt out the reactivation message are when you swap SIM Cards, lose network connectivity, or enter flight mode for an extended period of time and reconnect. This is an Apple service, and to prevent these charges from happening in future, we advise that subscribers no activate the iMessage and Facetime functions.

Category: redONE Mobile

Check your APN settings and ensure that your APN name is redONE. To access your APN Settings, follow the instructions below:


Go to: Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Network->APN Name: redONE (or)
Go to:Settings->Cellular->Cellular Data Network->APN Name: redONE


Go to: Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->APN Name: redONE (or)
Go to: Settings->Wireless & Networks->More->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->APN Name: redONE

Other varying OS

Go to: Settings->Wireless & Networks->More->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->APN Name: redONE

Category: redONE Mobile

Basic Internet will kick in when your local data bundle is fully utilized, and your internet speed will be throttled down to 128kbps. This is to prevent bill shock for our subscribers. 128kbps is enough to send out basic messages. To gain access to high speed Internet again, all you have to do is purchase a data add-on via our 1App. Alternatively, when the bill cycle resets on the 1st of every month, subscribers will have access to high speed Internet from their bundle again.

Category: redONE Mobile

Payment of bills can be done through us by transferring to DBS current 066-902678-1 or PayNow to UEN 201402029N KS Multimedia Pte Ltd. Once your transfer is done, inform us at 96570297 via whatsapp with your redONE mobile number. You will receive sms on your phone once we have done payment for you. Alternatively, it can be done online – through redONE 1App.

Category: redONE Mobile

Bills are sent via email and accessible through redONE 1App. However, you may request for a paper bill at a fee of $5/bill.

Category: redONE Mobile

Upon registration of the mobile line, there will be a one-time SIM card fee of $10. This fee is payable upfront and non-refundable.

Category: redONE Mobile

We understand that people (and telecommunication companies) sometimes make mistakes. We will be glad to sign you up. All we ask is a deposit in accordance to the plan that you have registered for.

Category: redONE Mobile

redONE has 1 billing cycle per month; the 1st of each month. The first bill will be pro-rated accordingly, dependent on the day of activation.
E.g. If you have signed up for a mobile line on 7th May 2019, your first bill cycle will run from 7th May – 31st May 2019. The following bill will run from 1st June – 30th June 2019, and so on.

Category: redONE Mobile

Currently, the only way to access to your redONE account to check on your balances is by downloading the 1App (available
on iOS and Android devices).

Category: redONE Mobile

Trade-in/buyback (12)

Yes you can sell your used or new phones without any purchase from us. The prices listed here will not be reduced as well. But if you purchase from us, we will give further discount on your purchase item.

Yes we do. Fill up the respective collection request form for both used and new phones.

Free of charge collection for non-premium service. We will not reduce the price we listed here also. If you select Collect’N’Pay-Now premium service, we will charge $10. Moreover, if you want to trade in with our new/used phones, we will deliver free of charge to you also, regardless of your purchase amount.

For used phone, we will pay you after we receive and test the phone. It will take approximately 3 to 7 hours after collection.

For new phone, we have 2 services – Collect’N’Pay-Later and Collect’N’Pay-Now. For Collect’N’Pay-Later, we will pay you after we receive and check the phone. It will take approximately 3 to 7 hours after collection. Collect’N’Pay-Now is a premium service and we will pay you upon collection.

Used phones are required to go through a series of our diagnosis tests before we can take in. Therefore it is impossible to make payment upon collection.

This is typical approximate time range. It is mainly depending on travel time from your place to us. Checking and testing at our place is just about 20 to 30 min only.

Your available timing can be started from a specific time, for example from 4 pm onwards. But we will not allow available timing after 4 pm because we have to take into account of travel time from your place to us. Also you can not select a specific time frame such as from 9 am to 1 pm etc. We can reschedule another day if the timing is not convenient.

We will communicate with you first your availability before we schedule for collection. Once we book the courier, we will inform you to pack properly and be ready.

We will have communication via whasapp or sms to reach agreement on final price. Again this agreed price must be in line with your self-declaration to us also. Both message communication and your submitted form will serve as record for your assurance of the agreed price. If we find your item is not in line with your declaration, we will negotiate the price with you again or may reject your item for acceptance.

Yes we are. Here we attach our exemption certificate.

paymentafter police screening and checking/testing (approx 3 to 7 hr after collection)immediate upon collection
trade-in1-2 days after collectionimmediate upon collection
service feeFree$10

Yes you can do. We can arrange for you provided your item pass our check and test.

Warranty (3)

Unfortunately we are not obliged to help claim for local Singapore manufacturer warranty. You have to make your own arrangement to send to service centers here. For ipad, you may enjoy international warranty from Apple. For shop warranty phone, you have to send back to our shop at your own arrangement.

Category: Warranty

“Export” means this product is imported from other mobile markets than Singapore. Therefore you will not get local Singapore manufacturer warranty. Other than local Singapore manufacturer warranty, products are genuine and supported by our in-house service warranty for one month. We do not sell any fake or clone product. All our export sets are unlocked and no restriction to use in any country.

Category: Warranty

We provide one month in-house service warranty for all our used phones. We have tested all used phones vigorously before we put on sale. Rest assured with the quality of the phone.

Category: Warranty

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