About Us

We Set You In Mobile

Who we are

Entrepreneur with a heart runs this business. We serve customers with heart. We earn your satisfaction. We are humbled by your dissatisfaction if happened unfortunately. Our motto is “Pay gratitude to customers with sincerity” since our establishment of 2007.

One stop shop for all your mobile needs

Mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, and accessories, trade-in and repair, phone cards including SIM registration, fibre broadband subscription

What we do

Riding the trend of digital economy, we offer affordable, reliable and convenient online experience.

Coupled with our physical presence at the heart of Singapore, we connect with you in person and build mutual trust for long term relationship.

We set you in mobile

WE introduce new mobile gadget to you. Activate it with our sim cards. Repair it if malfunctioned. Trade in with new one when you dispose off. Resell to needy ones to bring back life to your old device.  We are with you in the whole life cycle of your device. So we say we set you in mobile, non-stop!





For fibre broadband, visit here for residential and here for business

For postpaid mobile, visit here.

For redONE mobile subscription, visit here.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

To provide the best shopping experience both online and offline.