• How does Loyalty Rewards Program work?

We reward you every dollar you spent with us, you will receive one Reward Point. Also we reward for account registration, product and service you share with your friends via social media, bonus rewards on writing product reviews, refer a friend etc. You can use Reward Points to redeem products upon checkout.

  • How much your Reward Points worth?

Every 100 Reward Points you earn, you are entitled to redeem 1 SGD equivalent.

  • How can I earn Reward Points?

Here you can see the ways to earn Reward Points:

  1. Every dollar spent with us, you earn one point. The more you spent, the more points you earned.
  2. Sign up the account with us and make the first purchase, you are entitled to 200 points.
  3. Refer a friend to sign up account with us and when this friend make the first purchase, you, as a referral, are entitled to 200 points.
  4. Review product after your purchase will make you earn 200 points.
  5. Comment on our blog post will make you earn 10 points.
  6. When you click social media buttons on the product page, you will earn the following points

-Facebook like         10 points

-Facebook share     20 points

-Instagram follow  20 points

You will receive email notification of earning reward points. And you can log in to your account and check it also.

  • How can I redeem my Reward Points?

Log in to your account and you can see your earned reward points. System also will prompt you when you put the product in the cart and view the cart. If your earned reward points are lesser than total cart value, you can type in your earned reward points there to offset your payment. If your earned reward points can fully cover the total cart value, you may check out with “Redeem with Reward Points” directly.

  • Are Reward Points refunded when an order is cancelled?

Yes. When an order is cancelled then the points are deducted from your account.

  • Any expiry date for your Reward Points?

Every Reward Point will expire six month after you earn. Make sure you redeem before it expires. We will not refund back for expired points.

  • Can I transfer my Reward Points to another user?

No, it is not allowed to transfer to another person.

  • Can I redeem cash from my earned Reward Points?

No, you are not allowed to redeem cash.