Am I eligible for Deferred Payment?

Here are the basic requirements for Deferred Payment:

  1. For work pass holder, your pass and passport expiry date must be at least 2 month away from the end date of your last payment. Let say you opt for 6 mth deferred payment, your first payment date is today (e,g 1st day of the month), then subsequent payment dates for next 5 month is the same date as today (every 1st day of the month). Then your work pass and passport expiry date must be valid until 2nd day of next 7 month). If you have to leave Singapore due to unforseen circumstance, you are required to settle balance full amount before you leave.
  2. Your monthly income should cover the total amount of your purchase. That does not mean we grant full credit cover for total purchase amount. For first timer, you may see your credit approval may be lower than your total purchase amount and you should top up by cash. Normally we provide quotation in the form of $xxx/mth * y + cash $zzz whereby xxx – $ value for monthly payment, y – no of mth and zzz – $ value for cash topup. Let say if we mention $200/mth *6 + cash $100, your immediate payment will be $200+100 now and $200 every month on the same date for next 5 months. Subsequent eligibility of your purchase will be defined by your previous payment profile.
  3. You must be a working personnel and not a dependent or student or underaged.
  4. The product you intend to purchase is STRICTLY for personal use only. You are not allowed to resell or encash after purchase. We will use some deterrent software to control that so you must activate the product upon purchase.
  5. Change of mind is not applicable after you enter hire purchase agreement with us. You need to settle full payment of current agreement before we can consider next one. There is no discount or waiver for early payment also. However you may trade in current product at the market price to offset payment.

What can be different from phone purchase from my own country?

Singapore use 3-pin plug so almost all chargers in the box will come with 3 pin plug. If you buy separate charger, we sell charger with 3-pin plug only. Another thing you may have to take note is the 4G/5G bandwidth. If your country’s 4G/5G bandwidth is different from Singapore and you are very specific about bandwidth usage, it is good for you to check it. Generally all phones are compatible to use in your country.

Is manufacturer warranty covered for my country?

Most products are covered for local Singapore manufacturer warranty only. For some products like Apple ipad, international warranty is applicable. You may approach your local manufacturer service center to check for warranty coverage.

Do I need to pay custom duty upon arrival? How much it is?

Upon checkout, you will be prompted shipping options and estimated custom duty (if applicable) payable to your country’s tax authority. Yes you are required to pay custom duty yourself if applicable. The courier you selected will contact you to pay for custom duty to do custom clearance.