What can be different from phone purchase from my own country?

Singapore use 3-pin plug so almost all chargers in the box will come with 3 pin plug. If you buy separate charger, we sell charger with 3-pin plug only. Another thing you may have to take note is the 4G/5G bandwidth. If your country’s 4G/5G bandwidth is different from Singapore and you are very specific about bandwidth usage, it is good for you to check it. Generally all phones are compatible to use in your country.

Is manufacturer warranty covered for my country?

Most products are covered for local Singapore manufacturer warranty only. For some products like Apple ipad, international warranty is applicable. You may approach your local manufacturer service center to check for warranty coverage.

Do I need to pay custom duty upon arrival? How much it is?

Upon checkout, you will be prompted shipping options and estimated custom duty (if applicable) payable to your country’s tax authority. Yes you are required to pay custom duty yourself if applicable. The courier you selected will contact you to pay for custom duty to do custom clearance.

How much shipping rate and how long to ship to my country?

For phone card pin, we can send it immediately after payment check is done. For e topup, sometimes it may take a while to complete the order. For physical products, you may try to check out and will see available shipping options to your country and select the courier, price and lead time you are comfortable with.

Am I eligible for Grab PayLater?

Grab users who are eligible for PayLater should be

1) 21 years and older

2) Platinum, Gold or Silver GrabRewards tier member and

3) have used either cash, credit or debit card for at least 3 Grab transactions in the recent month.

If you are eligible for PayLater, you will be able to activate it here.


How do I log in to MyAccount?

Your MyAccount Credential

For New Customers: Your MyAccount login username and password will be sent to you after your mobile SIM card is delivered. The default username will be the email address which you have used during sign up. Tips: If you have not received any welcome email from us after SIM card is delivered, please check your emailspam/ junk box. 

Since it’s your first email from MyRepublic, there’s a good chance it may have gotten sorted out as spam. To keep up-to-date on your MyRepublic bills and important service notifications, do make a note to put emails from @myrepublic.net addresses on your email whitelist.

Logging in to MyAccount

You may visit our MyRepublic website and log in by clicking the MyAccount button in the top right corner of the page.