Am I eligible for Grab PayLater?

Grab users who are eligible for PayLater should be

1) 21 years and older

2) Platinum, Gold or Silver GrabRewards tier member and

3) have used either cash, credit or debit card for at least 3 Grab transactions in the recent month.

If you are eligible for PayLater, you will be able to activate it here.

I am a work pass holder. Can I still apply for installment credit approval?

Yes as long as you are holding debit or credit card issued by Singapore banks and you have successfully activated Grab Pay Later service. Again credit approval is subject to individual service provider and we do not have control over it.

For deferred payment, we need your pay slip or similar income evidence to assess credit limit.

Do I need to have balance in my bank account to get installment payment done?

Yes for Grab Pay Later installment with debit card because Grab will deduct first payment from your bank account immediately upon purchase. If you do not have sufficient balance, the first payment will not be successful. For deferred payment also, you need to transfer 1st month payment to us upon purchase. For credit card, it may not be necessary to have sufficient balance but your credit limit must cover total purchase amount.

Why is my installment payment cancelled?

Make sure you check your credit limit before you make payment. Credit limit is dictated by service provider and we do not have any control on that. For Grab credit limit, you can check in your respective Grab account. The most likely reason is that you purchase over your credit limit. Service provider will look into your credit history as well. Make sure you pay on time for all your purchases then you will get approved in next purchase with higher credit limit. Another reason could be you have outstanding credit to be settled. Some service provider may not render another credit if you are still serving outstanding credit.