Delivery methods available

ServiceDelivery timeCut-off timePriceapplicable areaRemarks
Same day deliverybefore 10pm3pm$13local SG
Standard courier1-2 days9pm$4local SGfree for >$600
International courierto be advised upon checkout9pmto be advised upon checkoutworldwide
Store pickup11:30am to 9pmlocal SGto collect at #02-65A Peninsula Plaza
Normal mail3-4 days9pmfreelocal SG
Digital downloadimmediate10am to 10pmfreeworldwide

I do not receive the product I ordered. What shall I do?

If your delivery is failed according to your tracking info, you shall call us to inform. We will help you check with the shipping provider and will do necessary action. If you have opted for normal postal mail, we will not be responsible for the loss.

How do you consider shipment delivery is successful?

Delivery is considered successful based on the delivered status of the delivery service provider. Delivery is also considered successful even if you are not the recipient of the goods at your specified address. To avoid this, we advise you to provide valid delivery address where you can receive the goods at expected delivery time. For example, you may give your office address during working hours.

Where do you ship currently?

Currently we are shipping to Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United States, Australia, New Zealand and other nine ASEAN countries. You may check your shipping fee as well as approximate applicable tax and duty in your country upon checkout. You may contact us if your country is not in the list for shipping.

How long will it take to deliver after purchase?

For phone card pin, we can send it immediately after payment check is done. For e topup, sometimes it may take a while to complete the order. For physical products, we have 4 modes of delivery within Singapore – normal postal mail (2-3 days), standard courier (1-2 days), same day courier and 1/3hr express delivery. For international shipping, you will get lead time info based on your destination upon checkout.