Upon my first usage of the international calling card, I find no value in the card or the pin invalid. How to solve it?

You can call or email to us for this issue before you contact card manufacturer. We may have data entry error and will re-confirm the pin number for you. Once we confirm that the pin number is correct, you can proceed to contact card manufacturer. But most of the time, you encountered this problem because of:

1) wrong dial number
2) repeated wrong pin/card number entry
3) accidental/inadvertent transfer of credit to another card
4) accidental/inadvertent transfer of credit to your phone number for callback cards
We are not obliged to help all these issues. Only card manufacturer can solve your issues since they have the visibility of the card information. Make sure you protect your pin/card number safely if you could not consume during the first time.

I got connection problem of my international calling card . How to solve it?

Only card manufacturer will be able to help you regarding all connection problems, not limited to the following:
1) call failure
2) over deduction of credit balance
3) call interruption
4) poor voice quality.
For these issues, contact customer service of the card manufacturer, which can be found on card information on our website. Sometimes you will be asked to provide serial number and other card information. You can contact us for these and we will be ready to help you. On the ground of confidentiality of the data, normally card manufacturer would like to talk to end customer directly. We are not obliged to help you on this case. Select your card prudently based on your experience. Also we do not refund for these problems as well. See our Refund Policy.

Why is my e topup unsuccessful?

The most probable problem is wrong mobile number you provided. Check your intended mobile number again before you proceed to another purchase. The other possible reasons are – your intended prepaid account has expired or been terminated or not been activated yet. For automatic activation, please make the first outgoing call or sms.

Why I do not receive card information after purchase?

Sometimes our email will go into your spam mail box depending on your mailbox spam setting. You need to change your spam setting to allow our email to go into your mailbox next time. Also make sure that you provide the valid email address.