How do I log in to MyAccount?

Your MyAccount Credential

For New Customers: Your MyAccount login username and password will be sent to you after your mobile SIM card is delivered. The default username will be the email address which you have used during sign up. Tips: If you have not received any welcome email from us after SIM card is delivered, please check your emailspam/ junk box. 

Since it’s your first email from MyRepublic, there’s a good chance it may have gotten sorted out as spam. To keep up-to-date on your MyRepublic bills and important service notifications, do make a note to put emails from addresses on your email whitelist.

Logging in to MyAccount

You may visit our MyRepublic website and log in by clicking the MyAccount button in the top right corner of the page.

How to set up my APN Settings?

APN instructions?

  1. Go to your phone’s APN settings:
  2. Select “Add” or “+” to add a new APN 
    • For Android: Enter “myrepublic” <Not case-sensitive> for both Name and APN fields.
    • For iPhone: For both the Mobile Data and Personal Hotspot sections, enter “myrepublic” <Not case-sensitive> for the APN field. 
  3. Save your settings and select “myrepublic” as the default APN.

p/s: Password is not required! 

I was charged $0.15 for international SMS to 44xxxxxxxxxx/ 6890 which I didn’t initiate. Why is that so?

1. 44xxxxxxxxxx number range

For iPhone users, please note that you will be charged by Apple for activation request# sent to Apple Servers (in UK) each time you:

– Turn on/off iMessage 
– Turn on/off FaceTime
– Turn on/off iCloud 
– Insert SIM card into iPhone (Removing and re-inserting will also trigger activation request for iMessage)

#Activation request is sent via international SMS @$0.15 to Apple Servers; including but not limited to the following UK numbers.

– 447537410205
– 447537410215
– 447537410225
– 447537410235
– 447537410245
– 447537410255
– 447537410265
– 447537410275
– 447537410285
– 447537410295

For more details, you may check out the dedicated Apple Support Platform here!

How can I sign up a new mobile service with MyRepublic? What are the requirements?

As long as you are 18 years old and above, you are eligible to sign up mobile services with us! The requirements are that you hold one of the following identification (IDs) and have a credit or debit card for payment.

Here’s a list of the documents we need

  1. Valid identification documents (front & back)
  2. Proof of billing address (For a foreigner, proof of local billing address will be required)

Types of Identification document (ID) we accept

  • NRIC
  • 11B – for regular and NSF only
  • Employment Pass*
  • Diplomatic Pass*
  • Entrepass*
  • Training visit Pass*
  • S Pass*
  • Work Permit*
  • Student Pass*
  • Dependent Pass*
  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass*

*Pass needs to have a validity period of 6 months. If ID validity is less than 6 months, letter from employer/ principal of school indicating the intent to renew of employment/study OR ‘In Principal Letter of Approval’ from MOM is required. The letter must be on company/ school letterhead and sign off by the employer/ principal of the school.

Proof Of Billing Address (POBA)

Validity for various type of proof of billing address

Legal Tenancy Agreement – signed by both tenant & landlord  6 month

Insurance Policy Statement (except travel insurance) latest available

Bank/ Credit Statement/utility bill 3 month

letter from company/school 3 month

IRAS letter latest available