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Postpaid Mobile Requirements for sign-up

General requirements

Front and back NRIC photo of applicant
Ability to do in-person receipt of SIM card for applicant (no delegation is allowed)
Valid email address
For number porting, if mobile no is not belonged to applicant, NRIC and authorization form of owner of mobile no is required. If mobile no is belonged to an organization, permission from such organization is required. Make sure that mobile no is free of contract from other telco, or else applicant must be aware and accept liability under the current contract.


If NRIC is lost, ICA slip is required along with a proof of billing address.


All Work Passes & Permits – validity period of 6 months from the point of signing up is required. If validity period is less than 6 months, letter from employer/principal of school is required (On company letterhead and signed by management or HR)
Minimum deposit, which is refundable, may be required for student pass and dependent pass holders.

Requirements for corporate mobile lines

– ACRA business profile
– NRIC front and back photos of Authorized Person
– Authorization letter from senior management (if authorized person is not shown on business profile)

If you need more information about redONE mobile, please check our FAQs page.

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Showing all 4 results