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Best iPad mini alternatives in Singapore

The Apple iPad mini is a great tablet with an outstanding build quality, but with a hefty price-tag starting from S$598, chances are you would seek for an alternative on the webs. Here are a few suggestions that might interest you!

Samsung Tab S2 9.7

The Samsung Tab S2 9.7 reigns as one of the top Android tablets and also takes the number one spot on ksonline. Being a full-sized tablet with a display of 9.7 inch, the weight is considerably light and not bulky. If you are familiar with the Samsung smartphone layout, the tablet bears a similar interface to it. Another unique feature of this device is the dual speakers that can be found on the bottom edge of the tablet, one on the either side of the microUSB charger.

The unique perk of the tab is that users are given the ability to simply control the tablet from their phone through SideSync, enabling them to take calls while their phones are still being charged.
Multi-tasking is also much easier with the larger display, where you can open up to six screens at the same time.

Lenovo Phab 6.98 16GB LTE Dual Sim

A phablet is the combination of a phone and tablet. It is the best option for users who are dissatisfied with their small phone screens as well as dislike carrying around a bulky tablet. With a
6.98-inch HD display and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC it provides stunning multimedia on-the-go and a better feel for gaming, watching movies, and utilizing apps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 with Pen

Looking almost identical to the Galaxy Tab S2, the takeaway for S3 is that it has a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. This can be seen mainly in the gaming frame rates. The AMOLED display never disappoints for every Samsung product, even making the display on the iPad look washed out compared to the luminous colours produced by the tablet.

The key aspect to the tablet is probably the Japanese-made Wacom S Pen, which is ideal for taking notes or creating sketches. The simple yet functional pen is inspired by classic European pencils where it is thicker than the previous versions of S Pens giving users a more improved and comfortable grip.

Asus ZenPad C 7.0 Z171KG

As an entry-level tablet, the Asus ZenPad is designed with an ergonomic arc that serves the purpose of protecting the display and delivering a cleaner appearance. For a fairly affordable price tag, the device relies on a seemingly decent Quad-core processor that is capable of handling various tasks as well as delivers an immersive gaming experience. It also includes an expandable storage space that stores up to 126GB with a microSD. Another perk of the device is the full access to GooglePlay which some competitors do not offer.

Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential

Being a reasonably priced device and also family-friendly, the Lenovo Tab3 7 is not the nicest looking tablet in the market but serves its purpose. The backing of the tablet is made of plastic, but at first glance it seems rather durable. On the other hand, Lenovo claims that the device is splash-proof and made suitable to be used by children. For a basic Android tablet running on a 1.0GHz MediaTek quad-core processor, there is nothing to shout about.

Another family-oriented feature of the tablet is the kid’s mode where parents are able to enable safe web browsing options as well as restrict access to the tablet within the chosen timeframe. Moreover, Lenovo has also incorporated the Adaptive Display technology which helps to relieve the effect on a child’s eyes due to prolonged usage of the tablet.

Apple iPad Air Wifi

The iPad Air is thinner, lighter, and smaller than the previous models of Apple’s full-sized iPad, making it notably simpler and comfortable to hold whether if it is in portrait or landscape mode. With the downsizing of the device, nothing noteworthy has been compromised as the viewing angles are still outstanding; colours are brilliant while text is super crisp and clear.

One of the more useful features of the tablet is the control centre, where it can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Simply adjust screen brightness and other commonly used functions efficiently with this feature.  In addition, with the powerhouse A7 processor, opening apps are swift while graphically demanding games generally feels snappy.

Samsung Tab A T280

If you are looking for a tablet that is decent enough for basic media consumption, the Samsung Tab A T280 is the ideal device for you! On the surface, it looks solidly built and offers a nicely textured backing. With a thickness of 8.7mm, it is thin enough to store in most bags. Although the display is evidently different for those who have experienced a higher resolution on a smaller screen, the overall viewing angles, colour, contrast, and saturation are perfectly alright.

Expect a lower resolution screen, lower end specs, minimal internal storage, and decent performance for this price range. All in all, it is a sufficient device for most families.


This post was written by Jillian Cheong from
iPrice group.